We provide banks with assistance in aligning their business with information security/business continuity legal and regulatory requirements to be ready for any audit.

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All banks want to abide by the law to avoid penalties, pass audits quickly and easily, and devote most of their time to doing business and providing services.

The development of technology creates new opportunities for organisations and end-users, but it also has a hazardous side: Increased risk due to threats by cybercriminals looking for new attack vectors. The regulator and the legislator are seeking evidence that the organization is ready to respond to such threats.

We understand that it is not easy to hire or reallocate personnel to coordinate information security and business continuity as required by regulators and lawmakers, but that’s why we’re here to help.

Are you ready for any threat?

Numerous new threats to cybersecurity have put banks on alert. Increasingly sophisticated cyber attacks involving malware, identity theft, artificial intelligence and cryptocurrencies have put data and assets of organizations, governments and individuals at continued risk.

The industry continues to suffer from a serious shortage of cybersecurity experts, and experts warn that the stakes are higher than ever.

The cybercrime epidemic has escalated rapidly in recent years as organizations and governments struggled to hire enough qualified professionals to protect themselves from the growing threat.

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How We Can Help You

We helped many clients achieve a high level of information security, business continuity and compliance with legal and regulatory requirements through the following services:

Information Security

Implementation and maintenance of information and cyber security management systems in accordance with world-renowned standards and regulatory requirements.

Business Continuity / DR

Implementation and maintenance of business continuity management and disaster recovery systems in accordance with globally recognized standards and regulatory requirements.

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Risk Management

Implementation and maintenance of a risk management system in accordance with world-recognized standards and regulatory requirements.

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Privacy Protection

Comply and maintain compliance with the GDPR regulation and laws containing personal data protection provisions.

CISO Outsourcing

Outsourcing of the highly sought-after function of the organization's Information Security Manager.

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Outsourcing DPO

Outsourcing of an important function of the Data Protection Officer in accordance with the GDPR

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Professional Training

Practical professional training in information security, data protection, business continuity and risk management.

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Independent Audits

Independent audits of management systems in accordance with globally recognized standards and requirements of regulators and legislators.



Let us help you nake your business compliant through three simple steps:

① Book your free consultation appointment

② Let's make a plan for your compliance

③ Let's implement the plan together

Follow our proven compliance plan

Don’t waste time and money developing an internal compliance methodology. We have already developed a comprehensive approach to implementation for you. We combine manual and automated tools and techniques that will lead you to compliance with minimal effort and maximum performance.

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Take advantage of over 20 years of experience

Do you want to achieve your compliance on time and within budget? For more than two decades, we have been preparing organizations like yours for regulatory compliance. Take advantage of the rich experience of our team and expertise in the field of information security and business continuity.

Compliance program tailored to you

A generic compliance program could never fit the exact size, shape, and business model of your organization. We will customize the compliance and implementation program to fit your organization’s context perfectly.

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