Ransomware – should I be afraid?

Ransomware concept Computer Keyboard with red RANSOMWARE skull crossbones Hacked virus cyber attack

Ransomware is a buzzword for years now. But I noticed that mayn businesses are still not worried that they could loose their data, and system access.

Why ransomware is dangerous for you business?
Ransomware can affect your business in many ways, som of them are loss of data, loss of money by paying ransom or by paying data retrieval, and of course time and opportunites lost until recovery.

I as a business owner dont want to lose my data, and dont want to waste my time on recovering systems. I want to be able to work uninterupted through my days. I believe you are the same, you want to be able to work without worrying about security to much.

The word is to much, but some worry about security should be there, so we can secure our systems and devices against 99% of threats out there.

I had quite a few calls from companies that suffered ransomware attack. Some payed ransom and luckily they got their data decrypted, some payed the ransom and just lost money. Others were late to pay it or didn’t wanted to pay ransom.
From those, just a few had good backup and were able to restore systems, other suffered great loss of theor clients data and were even fined for loosing personal data that is protected by privacy laws. One company had to close its doors because they lost all that they needed for work, and of course they didn’t had backup.

As you can allready guess, htere are ways to protect yourself from ransomware, a good antivirus software that will detect and prevent ransomware attack, education in recognizing attack before it is succesful, and of course the best defence is good offline backup, the backup that is not directly connected with your system.