Tip: Backup should be done regularly

Blade server rack in large datacenter

We understand backup is important for protecting the company data. We don’t want to lose any important data. The fundamental question that arises is, how often should I do my backup? Once a day, once a week, or every few hours?

That is a significant question, because what if you lose one day data, if you are doing the backup once a day? Is that ok for you? Can you recover from that? What is the potential damage if this happens?

First step to understanding how often we should do backup is to know are there any laws connected with our business that govern what data we must keep and for how long.After we understood the laws, we need to understand the value of data we are trying to protect.Meaning; we need to know how many data we can allow ourselves to lose. Last hour, a day, a week? How many data we can lose and still not have significant consequences?

For this, we need to define where do we keep our data. We need to list our places where we keep the data, like e-mail, business application, some folder, or on cloud storage.After you list those, think for each, can you lose the last hour of data? Is this no problem, minor problem, or a significant problem?

Next write 4 hours, next 1 day, 48 hours, and 1 week.If you wrote for 1 hour and 4 hours that is no problem, and you wrote for 1 day that is small problem, and 48 hours is significant problem, do backups daily, because we don’t want to allow that the small problem grows into significant one. If you have no problem of loosing one week of data, that you can do it weekly.

Sometimes you can’t lose any data, then you should do different backups, like mirroring, where the data is mirrored on two disks or two systems, or backup that automatically backups any changes to back up place.

The information about how often you should do backup is called RPO or Recovery Point Objective. The point in time until when you tolerate data loss, and we should be able restore the data with maximum allowed loss of RPO time.

Do this, and setup your backup to work under RPO and you will be safe if you lose the data on main system, because you will have backup with latest data according to your Recovery Point Objective.

Thank you for your attention! Keep your business secure and resilient. To your success!