Protect your business by implementing the right information security and business continuity solutions.

“You don’t need a parachute to jump off a plane. You only need it if you want to do it again. In the same way, you don’t need security and resilience to run your business, until you do, and then it’s too late.”

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Our Goal

Protect your business from threats to information security and business continuity through our top consulting services and professional training. We want to keep you focused on your business while keeping your organization safe from threats to your business and information security.

Our goal is to help you improve business security, in accordance with our 3 service models.

3 Service Models

The key to success is choosing the model that suits you best

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We assist our clients by engaging our experts in projects for the establishment and maintenance of management systems, as well as ad hoc consultations.

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Through our professional training programs, we guide you through processes and methods of work in accordance with world-renowned standards and best practices. We fully prepare you for independent work.

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We guide your employees through the information security and business continuity functions (CISO, DPO, BCM) step by step in mastering the skills required to execute the function independently.

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Are you ready for today’s challenges?

These are turbulent times, new threats are emerging every day, and the challenges of information security and business continuity for organizations are increasing. It is difficult to meet those challenges alone.

You need help keeping your information secure and providing continuity.

How We Can Help You

We helped many clients achieve a high level of information security, business continuity and compliance with legal and regulatory requirements through the following services:

Information Security

Implementation and maintenance of information and cyber security management systems in accordance with world-renowned standards and regulatory requirements.

Business Continuity / DR

Implementation and maintenance of business continuity management and disaster recovery systems in accordance with globally recognized standards and regulatory requirements.

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Risk Management

Implementation and maintenance of a risk management system in accordance with world-recognized standards and regulatory requirements.

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Privacy Protection

Comply and maintain compliance with the GDPR regulation and laws containing personal data protection provisions.

CISO Outsourcing

Outsourcing of the highly sought-after function of the organization's Information Security Manager.

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Outsourcing DPO

Outsourcing of an important function of the Data Protection Officer in accordance with the GDPR

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Professional Training

Practical professional training in information security, data protection, business continuity and risk management.

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Independent Audits

Independent audits of management systems in accordance with globally recognized standards and requirements of regulators and legislators.



Let us help you coordinate your business through three simple steps:

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③ Let’s implement the plan together